Published by The National on Dec 4, 2014.

Snow messing about in Finnish Lapland

A travel piece after a week of mushing with a team of Huskies in the Arctic Circle.

Published on on Apr 24, 2014.

Earth Day And The Arctic, Where Climate Change Is Up Close And Personal

Based on a personal journey into the Arctic Circles in the Finnish Laplands.


Published in The National on Oct 10, 2010.

Islamic lending has surprises in store

A rare interrogation of Islamic lending and speculation among Islamic bankers as the world endures a credit crunch.

Published by The National on Jul 21, 2010.

Islam in Europe now has strong local leadership

A look at one path for Islam in Europe through the eyes of a progressive, outspoken imam in The Netherlands.

Published by The National on Feb 26, 2010.

When on the move, what's a book-lover to do?

A personal account of moving to Syria and inadvertently finding myself on the wrong side of the law  -  as a book smuggler.

Published on Jan 1, 2011.

Life as it used to be in Damascus

A romantic view of Damascus in a time of innocence, just weeks before the uprising began and the civil war followed.